Haritham – Making a Difference

Wedding and event planning in the past was a pretty simple affair in terms of putting together the various aspects related to it – all you needed was to have finances ready on hand. For example just as you had a ‘Family Doctor’ there was an ‘Aasthaana Cook’, a ‘Family Vadyar’ [ Purohit ], a ‘Family Photographer’, a ‘Family Jeweller’ and other similar service providers. There were known to the family for decades and were treated more like family members. They, in turn, only needed information about an event and would promptly land up to  take on their responsibilities and duties without much ado. If there was anything difficult about organizing a wedding about 50 years back it was mainly  to do with dealing with hospitality issues often raised by the grooms family or those related to dowry. As people moved out far and wide in search of their livelihood the concept of event organizing or event management has diversified multi-fold. With changing values and times these days it is all about how different or unique a function is. Choices are by far many in every area. Where there was just one vendor in the past for one service – some times the same vendor doubled up to provide a few more services too – now you have multiple vendors for a service, at times even specializing in detail on one aspect of a service. The best example we see now is in the field of catering – specialists  in Regional Indian delicacies / Milk Sweets / Chaats etc. So the entire concept of event management has taken a diverse meaning.This is both for the good and the bad of the industry. While it has promoted weddings / marriages into a multi crore industry giving jop opportunities for many, it has also led to cropping up of many less efficient, fly by night operators. It is every person’s dream to conduct an event in the most memorable manner in the least expensive way. This is definitely not wishful thinking if you consider the fact that you can still get the BEST within your budget if you know how and where to source. Customer is truly the king in the current scenario with a wide array of choices open to him. A competent Event Manager needs to not just manage things bit do so with a touch of creativity and exclusivity. If you believe that ‘Expensive’ is  ‘Class’ then only the rich could have classy weddings. Class does nt necessarily need to be obscenely grand. Class can be elegant, beautiful, simple and affordable. This is the USP of Haritham Events. To make it unique and affordable. To sustain amidst stiff competition an event manager must think out of the box. Thats what differentiates you from the herd. At Haritham we believe in being participative in every aspect of your event like our own. — We have expert gemologists on hand who can source the best of diamonds and jewelry for you. — Planning the return gift list can be the most harrowing experience for many. Not any more. At Haritham we can give you endless ideas on what to gift and where to source. — From beautiful Kanchipuram Silks to Silk Cottons straight from the weavers Haritham can provide you with options to choose from. — From expert Dermatologists to Orthodontists we  can help you with a complete make over. — Be it grooming the young couple for their new life ahead in terms of counselling or getting  the bride – to – be equipped to face culinary challenges or helping them set up a new home – be rest assured that we, as good wedding planners,  can help you out in every aspect. — We do not believe in wrapping up an event and quitting the scene. We look forward to a continued and cherished relationship with you and hence look for ways to help you in all avenues. We can help you organize your post wedding temple visits with appropriate food & hotel bookings. — Relocating after the wedding and need help in shipping your belongings? Not to worry. We will take care with efficient movers and packers. — Want to give midnight surprises or organize special parties for your loved ones? Look no further.We as , Event Planners, are there for you.  Nothing excites us more than giving your loved ones and you a – never – before – experience of your life time. — We firmly advocate being eco friendly and do not encourage wastage of any sort. And taking you into confidence we look forward to doing our bit to Go Green. — Apart from giving you various options we are ever ready to take on the challenge of a never – done – before concept. You only have to hint and we ll execute. The tougher the challenge the better we are at organizing it. From the simplest to the most extraordinary – we have no limitations or reservations to work with you. We love the work we do and nothing gives us a better high than a satisfied customer who is able to look back and reminisce that what was spent was well spent. A Client’s sense of pride about the event that we helped organize is what we look for. Professionally managed with a touch of the unique or unusual at the unexpected place is what makes an event memorable to all. Going the extra mile for our client is something we never hesitate about. For we clearly understand the sentiments and value attached to a life time event. This habit has been imbibed into us by habit – we do not consider ourselves as outsiders or event organizers. Every assignment is our own to cherish and give it our best shot. This we have a growing Haritham Family  – making us bigger and better every day! 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